Gov. Charlie Baker says he doesn't support police budget cuts, but is working with black lawmakers to address police oversight.

After a swearing-in ceremony for two new members of the House of Representatives, the governor was asked if a tough budget year might mean cuts to local aid for cities and towns, and potentially their police departments. Baker said he supports local communities to the fullest extent possible, even as revenues decline because of coronavirus shutdowns.

The governor said if there are cuts, he won't direct them at police departments.

"I don't believe in slogans as a general rule, and I certainly don't support the whole concept that we should get out of the business of providing public safety to our communities. I don't support defunding the police," Baker said.

Baker is working with the Black and Latino legislative caucus on a bill to increase law enforcement accountability.

Baker said that when it comes to budgeting during the crisis, he's reasonably optimistic that the federal government will do something to help state and local governments.

"We support our local communities to the fullest extent possible. We've also been advocating with our colleagues in both the House and the Senate in Washington," Baker said.