When The Lincoln Project ran an ad directly targeting President Donald Trump, called "Mourning In America," it so incensed the president he took to Twitter to call out some of the prominent Republicans in the organization on Twitter, including Jennifer Horn, one of its founders.

Horn, former chair of the New Hampshire GOP, told Boston Public Radio on Wednesday to explain what the Lincoln Project, a political action committee, is all about.

"We are an organization of current and former Republicans who believe that Donald Trump poses an existential threat to the Republic and future of our nation, and that he needs to be defeated at the ballot box in 2020," she said.

Horn said regardless of how you think the president has performed over the last three-and-a-half years, his response to the coronavirus pandemic has proved him unfit for office.

"He is completely disqualified to be president," she said. "He is incompetent, unstable, dishonest, we can go through the list. We're living in this horrible moment of loss in this country, where no one is suggesting that Donald Trump created COVID-19, but there's no question we're experiencing greater loss than otherwise might have been because of the incompetence of this president, because of choices he specifically made to advance his own political ambition."

Jennifer Horn is former chair of the NH Republican party, one of the founders of The Lincoln Project, and a columnist for The New Hampshire Union Leader.