Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has faced immense criticism from his opponents for his decision to only release three women from non-disclosure agreements they signed with his company, Bloomberg L.P.

The decision came after Bloomberg was heavily criticized by fellow presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren at a debate in Las Vegas, N.V., who said Bloomberg “muzzled” women who signed NDAs with the company due to comments he had made. Following the debate, Bloomberg announced his company would cease to use NDAs and that he would release three women. On Tuesday at a debate in Charleston, S.C., Warren said his actions were insufficient.

During an interview with Boston Public Radio on Thursday, Fatima Shama, the national director of constituencies and coalitions for Bloomberg’s presidential campaign, defended Bloomberg’s decision.

Shama emphasized that there are no allegations of physical misconduct against Bloomberg, and that the company is maintaining some NDAs to protect the privacy of all parties involved. Shama also praised the decision to end the use of NDAs at Bloomberg L.P. as a sign of Bloomberg’s strength as a leader, and willingness to learn and change.

“Mike Bloomberg is a man who respects the rule of law and respects the responsibility he has as a leader to follow the law,” Shama said. “Bloomberg L.P. the company has a responsibility to protect all parties in the conversation.”