Rep. Ayanna Pressley said Sen. Elizabeth Warren was the victor of Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“She won the day,” Pressley said on Boston Public Radio Thursday. “I think she demonstrated command of the issues.”

Notable to Wednesday’s debate was the inclusion of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who entered the race 10 weeks ago. Though a majority of the candidates criticized Bloomberg, Warren made some of the most aggressive critiques of the night.

At one point, Warren asked Bloomberg to release women who have worked for him from non-disclosure agreements they signed when settling sexual harassment issues at Bloomberg’s company. Bloomberg refused to say he would do so. In another exchange, Warren criticized Bloomberg for providing a milquetoast apology for the use of stop-and-frisk by the New York Police Department while he was mayor. Warren went on to say that she believed the policy is designed to harass communities of color.

Pressley, who is a national co-chair of Warren’s campaign, also praised Warren on Thursday for being outspoken about the racial disparities faced by Americans of color.

“I also appreciate that she brings that racial justice and equity lens to every issue,” Pressley said. “She doesn’t pander, and only brings up the racial disparities and injustices that have been created by policies. She doesn’t only do that in black rooms.”