On Saturday, Democrats in Nevada will caucus for their favorite candidate in the 2020 presidential race. Before the caucuses, however, Nevada allowed residents to participate in early voting and send in their ballots before Saturday. By the close of the early voting period, the Nevada Democratic Party reported that nearly 70,000 people already participated.

On Thursday, "Boston Globe" columnist Alex Beam praised Nevada’s caucus system for two reasons. First, he said that by utilizing ranked choice voting — a system where voters rank their preferred candidates — in their caucuses it will allow for a more Democratic process.

He also said he felt that holding the caucuses on a weekend day as opposed to a weekday will allow more people to participate.

“It’s on Saturday," Beam said. "So, that lots of men and women from every age group are free to attend the caucuses if they want to.”

Beam is a Boston Globe Columnist, his latest book is “The Feud: Vladimir Nabakov, Edmund Wilson and the End of a Beautiful Friendship.”