A federal judge announced Tuesday that Roger Stone — a longtime adviser to President Donald Trump convicted of obstruction of justice — will still be sentenced on Thursday, despite the President's allegations that the judge is biased.

Prosecutors with the Department of Justice initially recommended that Stone be sentenced to serve seven to nine years in prison, but Attorney General William Barr overruled that recommendation and rescinded it.

John King, CNN’s chief National Correspondent and anchor of Inside Politics, told Boston Public Radio Tuesday that there are rumblings that Trump will get involved personally.

"Roger stone will get sentenced on Thursday, he will get prison time, then there will be a couple of months period where he can appeal," said King. "There are some who believe the president will pardon him pretty quickly, I don't know if that's true, but the president — if you read his tweets today — certainly gives the indication he believes everything born of the 'Mueller Report' is fraudulent, so if you want to carry that argument out, he will therefore wipe it off the books at some point."

Donald Trump tweeted in defense of Stone, saying the conviction “should be thrown out.”