Be honest: How closely are you following President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial?

Maybe you’ve tuned out altogether, since the outcome seems like a foregone conclusion. Maybe you’re checking the news sites or social media for the occasional update, or even tuning in to live coverage on cable or NPR on occasion.

Whatever your approach, though, you’re probably not following it anywhere *near* as closely as Heather Cox Richardson. For months, Richardson, a professor of history at Boston College, has been writing a daily digest of all things impeachment, titled Letters From An American — and to her surprise, it’s attracted a something of a cult following.

Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis sat down with Richardson and talked about why she started her project, what it’s been like to be continually immersed in a story many people actively avoid, what she’s learned that she didn’t know before, and what the stakes are for American democracy as the Senate weighs its options.

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