On New Years Eve, Chief Justice John Roberts published his Year End Report on the Federal Judiciary, in which he warned of the dangers of misinformation.

It also highlighted the importance of a politically independent judicial branch dedicated to seeking truth and justice.

Andrea Cabral, the former Sheriff of Suffolk County and Secretary of Public Safety, told Boston Public Radio Thursday that she interpreted Roberts’ address as a warning to sitting judges across the country to not let politics impact their duties.

“I think he’s talking to all of the federal judges, those confirmed under Trump and those who’ve been there before Trump, [and saying] ‘You have an obligation to this judiciary. This is not a political job. You need to be seeking the truth, promoting the truth, and making sure justice happens,’” Cabral said.

Cabral also said it was notable that Roberts cited Brown v. Board of Education as an example of the power of a judicial decision, given that many of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees have been reluctant to endorse the unanimous ruling in the decision.

“To me, that’s important because there are a number of judges who have been confirmed by this Republican senate who would not answer the question as to whether they thought Brown v. Board of Education was rightfully decided,” Cabral said.

Cabral is the former Suffolk County Sheriff, a former secretary of public safety, and the CEO of Ascend.