Presidential candidate and Montana Gov. Steve Bullock touted on Tuesday that in 2016, he won election as a Democrat in a state that heavily voted for President Donald Trump. Though Bullock is polling at less than 1 percent nationally, and will not be participating in next week’s Democratic presidential debate, he thinks that he has an opportunity to come out ahead in the race.

During an interview with Boston Public Radio Tuesday, Bullock said that his experience in Montana has shown him that people can transcend political partisanship for the common good, and he hopes to bring that mentality with him to Washington, D.C.

“Most people’s lives are too busy to care about politics, but they want a safe community, they want a decent job, they want good schools, a roof over their head, clean air and clean water, and a belief that you can do better for that next generation than yourself,” Bullock said. “Those are the values that I’ve organized around and I think those are the values that can transcend.”

On Tuesday morning, Bullock officially filed his paperwork to appear on the ballot in the New Hampshire Democratic primary on Feb. 11, 2020.