Former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg has taken the first steps of entering the 2020 presidential race as a late starter. Boston Globe correspondent Frank Phillips and columnist emeritus for the Boston Herald Peter Gelzinis joined Boston Public Radio on Monday to discuss whether Bloomberg can have any influence or gain any ground in the race.

"My advice to Bloomberg would be, 'You have $52 billion. Take maybe $3 or $4 billion and go out there and create a political action committee and counterattack everything Trump is doing,'" Phillips said. "Undercut Trump everywhere he is. That's where [Bloomberg] would be much more effective."

As one of the richest people in the world, Bloomberg can be proactive in taking down Trump, Gelzinis said.

"I think he's uniquely poised to pull [Trump] apart financially, in terms of just debunking the idea of what he is," Gelzinis said. "That's what interests me about [Bloomberg], is the idea that of him just boring in on the fraud that Trump is and ripping him apart that way."