In the days following the release of the Mueller report, much of the discussion among pundits has been about its second section, which deals with the question of whether or not President Donald Trump obstructed justice.

But homeland security expert Juliette Kayyem says that not enough attention has been paid to the first part of the report, which details the interactions between members of the Trump campaign and Russia. Kayyem is on the faculty of Harvard’s Kennedy School and a CNN analyst.

"I view it as a user's manual for how to end our democracy," Kayyem told Boston Public Radio Wednesday.

Though Special Counsel Robert Mueller ultimately concluded that the Trump campaign did not "conspire or coordinate"with Russia, Kayyem called the campaign's conduct "indefensible."

"[Volume] 1 is indefensible," Kayyem said. "What that campaign did — I don't care if you want to parse it legally — they were complicit, they were cooperative, they were welcoming, they never told the FBI. This was a campaign that danced with a foreign enemy."

Kayyem called upon Congress to further investigate the campaign.

"To see it all in its horrible glory in Volume 1, led me — someone who has never used the world 'impeachment' — to believe that the investigations must continue out of the House," she said.

"Impeachment is clearly on the table now," she continued.