U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren condemned president-elect Donald Trump's reported choice of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to be his Attorney General on Friday.

Warren has become one of the most visible faces of opposition to Trump. At a speech at UMass-Boston, the state's senior senator fully rejected the idea of Sessions leading the Justice Department.

Warren said Session's past remarks and beliefs on race disqualify him from being in charge of civil rights and immigration enforcement for the country. "Let me say this as clearly as I can," Warren said. "There can be no compromise with racism. There can be no negotiation with bigotry. That is where we stand."

Warren pointed to the fact that a Republican congress rejected Sessions for a federal judicial nomination in 1986 as evidence that the Alabama Republican would be unfit to oversee the justice department. She wants the Democratic Party to declare its adherence to core values like "dignity for every human being" and building "economic opportunity for everyone."

"This is the time to stand and fight for our principles," Warren said.

"The time for whimpering the time for whining, the time for crying is over. It is time to fight back. Are we clear on that?" Warren asked the crowd.

Beyond opposing Trump's growing White House and cabinet staff, Warren laid out goals for the new Congress that included raising the federal minimum wage, wage equality, and establishing paid family leave.