Voters lined up to cast their ballots at 9:00 sharp this morning as Boston began its first experiment in early voting. 

A line formed immediately, sometimes stretching up the stairwell to the building's second floor, but most voters have had to wait about a half-hour or less, and several voters who spoke with WGBH News said they felt the process is being run well.

As the lunch hour fell upon the city, the line grew somewhat.

Election officials say they're pleased with the turnout and that so far, things seem indeed to be running smoothly. Elections Commissioner Dion Irish said that 62 votes were cast in the first 25 minutes the polls were open.

Among the first to vote this morning was Glen Campbell, 54 and a veteran, who commended the city and Mayor Marty Walsh for taking the steps to implement early voting. 

Campbell, who says he votes in every election, big or small, said that casting his ballot today was deeply personal for him. 

"As an African American, the right to vote was fought for with blood, sweat and tears," Campbell said. "You know, I would do a disservice to my ancestors not to vote."