Pennsylvania's top prosecutor has been found guilty of perjury, criminal conspiracy and other charges in a leak of grand jury material.

A jury found that Attorney General Kathleen Kane leaked confidential investigative material to a Philadelphia newspaper to get revenge on a political enemy and lied about it under oath, reports Katie Colaneri of member station WHYY.

Colaneri adds, "Once seen as a Democratic rising star, Pennsylvania law requires Kane to step down from the attorney general's office when she is sentenced within the next three months."

It's a complicated case, as The Two-Way has reported:

"Kane is accused of leaking secret grand jury information in order to harm political foes. The Democratic attorney general insists the charges against her are being brought as a kind of revenge, because when Kane investigated the [Jerry] Sandusky [child molestation] case, she also uncovered a trove of emails in which she says officials were found to have used government email accounts 'to trade pornographic and bigoted images and jokes.'"Copyright 2016 NPR. To see more, visit