If recent polls are right, they show a marked contrast to how many individuals in Massachusetts have chosen to donate to the 2016 presidential campaigns.

The map below shows contributions by individuals in Massachusetts to the seven remaining candidates for the Democratic and Republican nominations, starting last spring and up to date through the end of January.

Candidates are only required to ‘itemize’ donations totaling more than $200—leaving countless smaller donations off the map, but it does give at least some indication of where and to whom more active donors have been putting their money.

Click The Candidates To See Donations (More Than $200) They've Raised In Massachusetts:

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A few trends stand out.

Sanders, whose campaign has emphasized the number of smaller donations he’s received — donations that don’t appear in this data — received roughly double the number of larger donations than his opponent — though totaling about half as much in dollars.

Donations at odds with polling for GOP: While Trump leads by wide margins in the latest polling, he’s raised almost nothing in larger individual donations in the state — while Cruz and Carson, behind in the polls, have solicited far more donations (by count, not value) than Rubio or Kasich, who lead in recent polls.

A silent surge for Carson? Carson has been trailing in the polls (here, and nationally) for months. Yet he’s raised an astounding amount of money nationally, as well as here in Massachusetts — like Sanders, the bulk of Carson’s fund-raising has been from smaller, ‘unitemized’ contributions; but even among larger donations, in Massachusetts Carson raised more than any other GOP candidate but Rubio, and trailed only Cruz in the number of such donations received.

Best zipcodes (by number of donations):