If you were to experience the Iowa Caucuses solely through occasional glances at a very politically active Facebook feed, here are some of the highlights you would have seen from some Bay State politicos:

Reuben Kantor, a veteran Democratic operative who's worked with Deval Patrick and Boston City Councillor Ayanna Pressley in the past, wrote about how he saw Sanders supporters reacting to the close loss to Clinton: "Hey Bernie peeps. Booing Hillary for saying she's a progressive? Classless, sorry. This is a good thing."

The right and left were united in posting this write-up of a C-Span clip that reportedly shows Clinton campaign staff committing voter fraud. It was easily the most-linked story I saw last night and this morning, posted mostly by Sanders supporters (who hate Clinton) and conservatives (who hate Clinton).

Ever the loyal supporter, Boston City Councilor Matt O'Malley acknowledges that Martin O'Malley's run is over.

Former Gov. Jane Swift was in Story City, Iowa, to organize for her candidate of choice, Jeb(!) Bush. "The Cruz win resets the race for which I am happy. I met a Cruz voter who had been leaning Trump till last week and he came to believe DT thought the race was 'about himself and not the country.' I agree with him on that and it was reassuring that he was being that thoughtful."

Swift had further thoughts on who Trump is, and more importantly, who his supporters may be. Swift reports that a number of veteran Iowa organizers said that many Democrats were switching their party registrations to the GOP at the last minute "and there are strong indications they were the Trump block. Further reinforcing my belief that the rise of Trump isn't a problem of or for the GOP but of a deep anger in our country that we all need to address."

Swift also gave us an idea of what caucusing must be like with this photo of a vote for "Ted Kruez."

I saw this Ted-Cruz-makes-Jim-Carrey-retch gif a number of times.

Among Massachusetts conservatives, there was excitement from Sen. Ryan Fattman that Marco Rubio finished a solid third place and is heading into New Hampshire strong. "A month ago he was polling at 5%. He has enough money to last well beyond NH. He's currently running in 2nd in NH. And he is the only candidate consistently beating both Democrats in the general election," Fattman wrote.

Rep. Jim Lyons, probably the Legislature's top cultural conservative, runs his victory lap with aphoto of Ted Cruz at Lyons's barn in Andover.

Politico Massachusetts's Lauren Dezenski prompts a Throwback Tuesday to when Donald Trump tweeted that "no one remembers who came in second."

And unrelated to Iowa, Bill Murray reminds us what day it is.