How enlightening: At shortly after 8 p.m., FOX News was projecting Martin O'Malley would come in third on the Democratic side of the Iowa caucuses.

Wow, what a gutsy call. Meanwhile, the whole thing about record numbers totally fell apart. Last time around about 122,000 Iowans caucused, but this time it looks like about 180,00 or more have shown up.

Conventional wisdom said this would help Donald Trump but that was not the case as Ted Cruz ran away with the caucuses. Raise your hand if you want your next president on his knees every morning praying for an answer as to how to deal with ISIS. Just saying—because Cruz admonished every candidate to start the day "on their knees."

Many candidates start their engines in Iowa, but many end it there, and I predict Cruz is one. This could actually be a jumpstart for Trump in New Hampshire, only because he is a moderate compared to Cruz. As for Rubio's third-place finish, it's not as impressive as he thinks it is, but it could propel him to leadership status in an unelectable field. As for the democrats, Hillary Clinton will eventually kill Bernie Sanders.