UPDATED, February 13, 2015, 11am: Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has changed his mind about his call for the MBTA to shutdown during this weekend's forecast snow storm.

In a written statement from City Hall Walsh said: "The MBTA has faced incredible difficulties over the past few weeks due to the historic amount of snowfall and increasingly cold weather, coupled with an aging system. Closing the T for the weekend would pose an incredible hardship to workers and people living throughout Boston. We have another big storm coming our way Saturday night into Sunday and I hope that our public transportation system can safely remain running to keep Boston open, support our local economy and get people to work."

Earlier this week the MBTA came under criticism for halting rail service for a day —  now Boston Mayor Marty Walsh wants it to shut down again ahead of this weekend's snowstorm.

The MBTA is a state agency. Walsh acknowledged that before going on to say…

"I think there are two issues here," Walsh said, after acknowledging the T is a state agency. "I think one is there seems to be some infrastructure issues with the T aside from the snow. But I think if we get a blizzard storm on Sunday I would suggest that the T get shut down Saturday night into Sunday and possibly Monday so that the proper snow removal happens with the MBTA."

Walsh didn't comment on the resignation of MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott except to say he didn't think it surprised anyone. He said he hadn't spoken with Scott, although he is talking to Gov. Charlie Baker.

As for the roads, Walsh said he's salting the streets, removing snow, and searching for more places to put it, in preparation for the additional foot or more expected this weekend. He said the city is considering alleviating confusion along snow-clogged roads that are suddenly so narrow they have to be one-way, by posting signs making the one-way temporarily official.

And if you're lucky in love and living in Boston, Walsh says you should use Valentine's Day as an opportunity to help the local economy. Look to the neighborhood stores for flowers and candy, he said, and have that special dinner in a nice nearby restaurant. Walsh's even offering help: He announced a new city Twitter hashtag — #loveonmain — that residents should follow for suggestions of local businesses to patronize.

But Walsh wasn't revealing his own Valentine's Day plans with his longtime girlfriend.

"I'm not telling you, because, you know, Laurie could be watching this on TV," he said. "I don't want to ruin the surprise. We'll definitely go out to dinner, and probably shop in a local area, and as far as gifts, I'm not going to tell anybody."

Walsh asked residents to remember the weather hasn't just been tough on them — it's also been extremely difficult on the businesses of Boston. Maybe they could use some love.