In the Massachusetts Governor’s race, outside groups on both the Republican and Democratic sides are spending millions of dollars.

A Super PAC funded by unions, Emily’s List and the Democratic Governors Association is launching a new TV attack ad against Charlie Baker.

“In front of the cameras, Charlie Baker says what you want to hear," the ad says. "But when they’re off, he has a troubling Republican record.”

It's the second ad released in this race by a Democratic-aligned Super PAC just this week. Another one shows Baker in a tuxedo, accepting an award for outsourcing jobs to India.

The anti-Martha Coakley groups are busy as well. They released an ad this week, accusing the Democratic nominee of being an out-of-touch career politician.

“Martha Coakley has run for 5 offices in Massachusetts, 7 elections in 17 years … ,” the ad says.

That ad comes from a super PAC funded mainly by the Republican Governors Association.