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The Scrum, WGBH News' politics podcast, comes to you this week from the heart of what's been thus far a mysteriously apolitical location, despite all of the action it's seen in recent weeks: Market Basket.

The Scrum delves into the politics of the Market Basket brouhaha, asking why more politicians aren't embracing employees' push to reinstate Arthur T. Demoulas as CEO. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh's dismissal of corruption in the Probation Department draws a rebuke from two Boston City Councilors. Also, does anyone really care who the Kennedys want to see get the Democratic nomination for president in 2016?

WGBH News reporter Adam Reilly, WGBHNews.org senior editor Peter Kadzis, and WGBH News political analyst David Bernstein kick it all around from the parking lot of the Somerville Market Basket.

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