As the probation verdict came down Thursday, the State House halls were silent.

When the jury returned with the verdict, there was no reaction from senators who were in the building debating a housing bill.

Democrats ducked comment one by one as they came out of the chamber.

House Speaker Robert DeLeo, who was called an unindicted co-conspiritor in this case, stayed in his office.

The only one willing to one willing to go on record was House Republican Leader Brad Jones, who called the verdict "a ringing indictment of the excesses and evils of one-party government."

Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie baker sent out a statement also blaming one-party rule.

As for the Democratic candidates — state Treasurer Steve Grossman — said in a statement the hiring scheme "unveiled during this trial demonstrates the urgent need to reform Beacon Hill."

There's been no response yet from the Democrat leading in the polls, Attorney General Martha Coakley.