Juliette Kayyem, a former state homeland security official and Boston Globe columnist, announced Wednesday she will run for governor of Massachusetts in 2014.

Kayyem, 44, of Cambridge, will run as a Democrat. She announced the run in a video posted to YouTube after filing paperwork to form a political committee Tuesday.

"I'm the beneficiary of what Massachusetts has to offer, and its kindness and generosity and letting everyone belong," Kayyem says in the video.

"I know it is really tough for a lot of people who are giving it their all," Kayyem says. "We've got to have some give in the system. That means adequate health care and sick leave. That means raising the minimum wage for families that are working so hard two keep it together. It means schools that are safe and secure, where children can thrive."

The Democratic field to succeed Gov. Deval Patrick also includes Treasurer Steven Grossman, and state Sen. Dan Wolf.

Democratic Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone and Republicans Charlie Baker and Scott Brown have also expressed interest in running for the office.