At least for now, it lacks the epic drama of last year's Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren slugfest. But the race to fill John Kerry's US Senate seat still features plenty of fascinating subplots. Can Dan Winslow make the transition from State House gadfly to credible Senate candidate while winning over a skeptical GOP establishment? What will die-hard Howie Carr listeners think of Gabriel Gomez announcing his candidacy in Spanish? Is the ongoing Michael Sullivan buzz legit? And on the Democratic side, can longtime Congressman Steve Lynch really convince voters that longtime Congressman Ed Markey is more of a creature of Washington than he is?

It's enough to make political junkies wax poetic — and while other forms have their charms, haiku seems like the obvious way to go. With its five/seven/fiverhythm, haiku imposes an austere elegance on the most unruly of themes, but still leaves space for artistic (or political) minds to range far and wide.

So, without further ado, it's time to start the 2013 Massachusetts Senate Haiku Fest. Post your work here! Tweet it with the hashtag #masenhaiku! Tell your friends and family to join in! When the dust settles, chances are we'll all be thinking just a bit differently about the biggest political story in Massachusetts.

Here's one to get things started:

"Strapping on work boots"—

That's our Lynchie! Ed Markey?

He just sold ice cream.

Have at it, people. 

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