Here’s something that may blow your mind: the election was only a week-and-a-half ago.

If you're having trouble remembering it may be due to saturation coverage of Gen. David Petraeus, or intrigue over Sen. Kerry and Gov. Patrick's roles in the Obama administration. Or maybe it's because of the press conference with Mayor Menino's doctors this week? They assure us he's stable, still recovering. In other words, with one turn of the wheel we've — finally — moved past the "Candidate X vs. Candidate Y" narrative.

Meanwhile, tensions abroad have escalated. There's ongoing violence in Syria, as well as the latest showdown between Israelis and Palestinians. In both places, missiles have flown.

Closer to home, Cardinal O'Malley announced yesterday the Boston Archdiocese will consolidate its parishes and resources. Aging priests and low church attendance are two of the causes.

Wendy Murphy, Barry Nolan and Joan Vennochi joined Emily Rooney to talk through the week's stories.