At long last, the race is run and you're registering your choice. What's driving you to the polls today? From mid-September though Nov. 2, WGBH News covered 30 issues we thought might make a difference in your vote. 

Of WGBH's 30 issues, these were the five that got the most votes in our online surveys:

1. Medical marijuana
2. Women's health/abortion
3. Climate change
4. Job creation
5. Immigration

And here are some of the stories you shared about what's driving you to the polls.

Your issue: Cannot sponsor my partner for citizenship
I am in a binational relationship and I cannot sponsor my same-sex partner for citizenship because of the Defense of Marriage Act at the federal level. Not recognizing marriage for lesbian/gay couples prohibits us from tax break benefits, immigration rights and inheritance rights. The immigration aspect is a huge problem for over 40,000 people throughout this country. We have our partners living here illegally, overseas, or legally on visas which are not permanent.
— Devin W., Arlington

Your issue: $16 trillion debt
I have 9 grandchildren. We are paying, on average $400 Billion annually in interest charges. For all this debt, we rank near last in the education of our children, and when they graduate from college, they can't find a job. Do you see a pattern developing here?
— Peter B., Littleton

Your issue: College debt
As a recent college graduate, tackling the cost of college these days is incredibly hard. It's almost impossible. It's discouraging for students who don't come from wealthy homes to realize that obtaining an education will cost you so much. How are we supposed to thrive when there's not enough jobs and college costs continuously increase? We need more job training programs placed in high schools and colleges and we need those tuition costs lowered. Or else the next generation will stagnate in a state of frustration because everything we work so hard to achieve in college may become dreams deferred.
— Elle B., Boston

Your issue: Repealing Citizens United
The biggest issue is the undue influence of money on politics. The Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United sparked a national movement to amend the Constitution to end big money's iron grip on our electoral process. Every other policy issue hinges on the problems raised by the enormous sums spent on campaigns and lobbying. The root of the problem is the political system's dependence, indeed addiction, on money.
— Arlene T., Otis

I tell people that no matter what your main issue is, until the corrupting influence of money in politics and our government is addressed, that issue will not be resolved to your satisfaction.
— Nick B., Nahant

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