With only four issues left before Election Day, we’re entering the final stages of our 30 Issues in 30 Days campaign. We’re already a little nostalgic, so we are taking a walk down memory lane to see which of our issues have mattered most to you. If you don’t see your issue on this list, never fear. There’s still time to tell us what will influence your vote on Nov. 6.

The issues that matter most to you are still: 1) medical marijuana, 2) women’s health, and 3) job creation — but climate change and immigration are following close behind.

Here are a few more of your issues:

Your issue: marriage equality and immigration
“I am in a bi-national relationship and I cannot sponsor my same sex partner for citizenship because of the Defense of Marriage Act at the federal level. Not recognizing marriage for lesbian [and] gay couples prohibits us from over tax break benefits, immigration rights and inheritance rights. The immigration aspect is a huge problem for over 40,000 people throughout this country. We have our partners living here illegally, overseas, or legally on visas which are not permanent.”
— Devin, Arlington, Mass.

Your issue: college tuition
“As a recent college graduate, tackling the cost of college these days is incredibly hard. It's almost impossible. It's discouraging for students who don't come from wealthy homes to realize that obtaining an education will cost you so much… We need more job training programs placed in high schools and colleges and we need those tuition costs lowered. Or else the next generation will stagnate in a state of frustration because everything we work so hard to achieve in college may become dreams deferred.”
— Elle, Boston, Mass.

Your issue: the environment
“All aspects of environmental protection: climate change, wildlands preservation, dark skies regulation, wildlife protection, sustainable lifestyles. If we can't preserve the planet, an economic growth agenda seems short-sighted.”
— Christine, Quincy, Mass.

What will you be thinking about on Election Day? Let us know. We may use your comment on the air or online.