What the Candidates Think  

Obama: President Obama has argued that unions are the “cornerstones of an American middle class.” In a 2011 Labor Day speech to GM employees, Obama cited his bailout of the American auto industry as proof that he stands behind unions, and said, “having a voice on the job and a chance to organize and a chance to negotiate for a fair day’s pay after a hard day’s work, that is the right of every man and woman in America — not just the CEO in the corner office, but also the janitor who cleans that office after the CEO goes home.”

Romney: Governor Mitt Romney believes “the interests of union management can diverge from those of the very workers they purport to serve.” He hopes to curtail the power of union management by giving workers the choice not to join unions, ensuring that all businesses can compete on an equal playing field, and separating union dollars from political campaigns. 

52% of Americans support labor unions, a percentage that has remained static since 2010. (Gallup, April 2012)

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