As WGBH News explains 30 Issues in 30 Days this election season, we're asking you to tell us what matters to you. At the halfway mark, these are the issues we've covered that resonate the most:

So many comments came in about campaign finance reform/Citizens United that we're devoting a separate story to it.

Here are some more of your issues:

Your issue: healthy food
Nourishment, nutrition ... food and water, what every single one of us needs daily to survive. How can anyone justify profits made at the expense of wholesome food? As a Canadian with a strong European heritage, and an American as of July, I am horrified that this nation is being poisoned on the one hand yet the illnesses are better diagnosed and reported here than elsewhere. Let's talk openly about the relationship between what we eat and our health, and how agriculture and health care are brutally broken but must be repaired and that they are interdependent. 
— Beatrice W., Portsmouth, R.I.

Your issue: military spending
Too much of the federal budget goes to weapons, including a nuclear arsenal. Foreign policy needs to be redirected to making peace, and taxes to people's needs — such as the Budget for All.
— Pat S., Monterey, Mass.

Your issue: job creation
I'm voting for jobs in the United States and against jobs outsourced overseas. 
— Kathleen M., Facebook

And finally ... not so much your issue: reproductive rights
This might be a bigger issue for me if we were not in such dire financial straits. In my opinion, anyone who is voting this as an issue does not have an understanding of the fiscal issues we face.
— Diane M., Facebook

What matters to you? Let us know. We may share your comment on the air or online.