The two candidates for US Senate faced off last night in their first television debate. Senator Scott Brown wasted no time in attacking Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren over claims of Native American ancestry. Warren hit back on women's issues and the so-called "Buffet Rule" that Brown voted against.

Mitt Romney continues to deflect criticism regarding a secretly-taped donor event in May. President Obama responded to some of Romney's claims in a televised interview with Univision.

And Massachusetts is still dealing with the repercussions of improprieties at a state crime lab. The state has approved a lead investigator for the case, and prisoners convicted of drug crimes are now suddenly presented with the possibility of release.

We talk through all these stories today on Week in Review.


Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral.

Tom Keane, weekly columnist for the Boston Globe.

Garrett Quinn, author of the blog Less is More, and a regular contributor to Reason Magazine.