Yesterday, news organization Mother Jones posted video reportedly taken at a Mitt Romney fundraiser in May. The video, which was shot surreptitiously, shows Romney talking to a room full of donors and supporters.

The video has generated controversy because in it Romney acknowledges as many as "47 percent" of voters won't vote for him, and then goes on to describe those voters as "dependent on government."Reaction to Romney's comments has been swift. Romney himself held a press conference Monday night in Costa Mesa, CA, to address issues raised by the video. The controversy comes hot on the heels of a POLITICO report outlining internal conflicts within the Romney camp.

Political strategist Dorie Clark joins us to talk about the impact of Romney's statement on the race, whether or not it will help him sway independents, and how Democrats will use it as fodder on the campaign trail. Recent polls indicate a small advantage for Pres. Obama.

Watch the Mother Jones video below.

Here's Romney in Costa Mesa, CA, last night.