As Massachusetts U.S. Senate challenger Elizabeth Warren goes after Republican Sen. Scott Brown on women’s issues, Brown continued to court female voters at a campaign stop on Aug. 22 in Quincy.

Senator Brown made a scheduled appearance at a coffee shop. There, he sat down with a group of supporters, all women business owners.

The coffee klatch comes as Brown’s Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren spent the third day this week talking about women’s issues. In a newly released radio ad, Warren blasted the Republican Party once again:

“And if Republicans control the Senate, they decide who sits on the Supreme Court and whether we could lose Roe v. Wade. For women, there’s a real choice in this election.”

At the café, Brown tried again to defuse Warren’s attacks.

"I’m a pro-choice Republican, I have a house full of women,” Brown said. “And for her to try to distort my record, quite frankly, it’s not unexpected, I get it. But this election is about the economic issues affecting people in Massachusetts.”

Yet it’s obvious Brown is courting the women’s vote this week. His wife was by his side. He hobnobbed with women business owners.

Warren’s final stop of the same day was a phone bank in Natick, where she planned to argue again that Brown and his party were a threat to women’s rights.