In this special WGBH series, WGBH Radio Senior Reporter Phillip Martin looks into the controversial practice of offshoring, the movement of business activity from the U.S. to another location. Listen to the series in its entirety.


Part 1: Advocates, employers and experts explain offshoring and its impact.


Part 2: Martin focuses on the town of Attleboro, Mass., which suffered a big loss of employment when Sensata Technologies offshored its jobs.


Part 3: A former employee of Sensata Technologies talks about what it's like to have your company moved offshore.

Extra: Confused by warring jargon? Jan Rivkin, professor and chair of the strategy unit at the Harvard Business School, explains the difference between offshoring and outsourcing.

Update: On Aug. 23, Gawker released 950 pages of documents it said came from Bain Capital.