BOSTON — The indictment of former treasurer Tim Cahill on corruption charges was just another reminder of the long history of political misdeeds in Massachusetts. On March 19, WGBH News released the State Integrity Index, a report card compiled through a nationwide investigation by the Center for Public Integrity, Global Integrity and Public Radio International. That report gave Mass. a C on corruption risk. We asked you to grade Massachusetts on how corrupt it actually is. 

So ... what do you think?

F: "Speaker of the House x 3. Leading by example." (Swansea)
F: "Nepotism rules ... rather than meritocracy." (Chelmsford)
D: "Allowing retired public employees to get new jobs on the same public payroll, the Big Dig fiasco, House speakers under indictment... Need I go on?" (Shirley)
D: "The leaders of the Legislature met in private to discuss bills. Why?" (Braintree)

We'll be checking back through August with more stories on the topic. Further thoughts on the matter? Comment here or on Facebook, or tweet with the hashtag #corruptionrisk.