Today on Boston Public Radio:

Senator Elizabeth Warren talked about the MBTA and the FBI raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago, and took listener calls and questions on an installment of “Ask the Senator.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on BPR | Aug. 12, 2022

Retired Judge Nancy Gertner shared her thoughts on Attorney General Merrick Garland’s address on the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago, unpacking some of the legal statutes involved in the situation. She also discussed why it’s important to our democracy to be able to trust judges, and more. Gertner is a retired federal judge and a senior lecturer at Harvard Law School.

Retired Judge Nancy Gertner on BPR | Aug. 12, 2022

Jared Bowen talked about the latest in arts: the Met’s new exhibit “Chroma: Ancient Sculpture in Color;” Now + There’s new exhibit in front of Faneuil Hall, called “Summer Sets,” Patrick Kelly’s “Runway of Love” at the PEM, B.J. Novak’s new movie, “Vengeance,” and Lesley Dill’s new exhibition “Wilderness” at the MFA. Bowen is GBH’s executive arts editor and the host of Open Studio.

Jared Bowen on BPR | Aug. 12, 2022

Patty Bourrée explained the impact of Boston’s Drag Queen Story Hour, and how recent white supremacist protests at the events have affected him. Patty Bourrée heads Boston’s Branch of Drag Queen Story Hour.

Patty Bourrée on BPR | Aug. 12, 2022

Brian O’Donovan and the Neave Trio came on ahead of their performance at the Rockport Celtic Festival to share a bit about their group and play a few songs. O’Donovan hosts GBH’s A Celtic Sojourn. The Neave trio members are violinist Anna Williams, pianist Eri Nakamura, and cellist Mikhail Veselov.

Brian O'Donovan and the Neave Trio on BPR | Aug. 12, 2022

We ended the show by asking listeners what they think about the Massachusetts sales tax weekend.