Today on Boston Public Radio:

EJ Dionne discussed the Inflation Reduction Act’s potential impact on climate, as well as what its passage says about polarization in America, and the ability of Democrats in Congress to get things done ahead of the midterms. Dionne is a senior fellow at The Brookings Institution. His latest book is “Code Red: How Progressives and Moderates Can Unite to Save Our Country.”

EJ Dionne on BPR | Aug. 8, 2022

Then, we asked listeners about what the Inflation Reduction Act’s passage says about polarization in Congress.

Brian McGrory discussed the impacts of the recent MBTA closures, Mayor Michelle Wu’s strategy in dealing with developers in the city, and the potential for a 2024 Trump or Biden presidential run. McGrory is the editor-in-chief of the Boston Globe.

Brian McGrory on BPR | Aug. 8, 2022

Bruce Marks talked about the work NACA is doing to help Americans afford homes, and explained the factors which are driving the housing crisis across the country. Marks is the CEO and founder of NACA, the nation’s largest Housing and Urban Development-certified nonprofit.

Bruce Marks on BPR | Aug. 8, 2022

Revs. Irene Monroe and Emmett Price III shared their thoughts on the NFL’s controversial record with player activism and supporting women, as well as recent calls for the church community to confront its ableism, and considerations about changing the Mass. state seal. Monroe is a syndicated religion columnist and the Boston voice for Detour’s African American Heritage Trail. Price is founding pastor of Community of Love Christian Fellowship in Allston, and the inaugural dean of Africana Studies at Berklee College of Music. Together, they host GBH's “All Rev’d Up” podcast.

All Rev'd Up on BPR | Aug. 8, 2022

Ayo Edebiri talked about her upbringing in Boston, her role in Hulu’s “The Bear,” and her upcoming projects. Edebiri is a comedian, writer, producer and actress. She plays Sydney in “The Bear,” and Missy in the Netflix series “Big Mouth.”

Ayo Edebiri on BPR | Aug. 8, 2022

We ended the show by asking listeners how they’re holding up through this summer’s heat waves.