Today on Boston Public Radio:

We began the show by asking listeners how they’re handling COVID-19 amid the latest surge.

Brian McGrory shared insights from the latest Globe reporting, including the Federal Transit Administration’s investigation into the MBTA, the state settlement over the deaths at the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home and the state of national politics. McGrory is the Editor of the Boston Globe.

Brian McGrory on BPR | May 12, 2022

Andrea Cabral talked about the Senate’s failed vote on a bill that would codify abortion access across the United States, and the Mario Batali and Johnny Depp court cases involving harassment. Cabral is the former Suffolk County sheriff and secretary of public safety, and former CEO of the cannabis company Ascend.

Andrea Cabral on BPR | May 12, 2022

Then, we opened up the lines to hear from listeners what they want Jim and Margery to talk more about.

Eric Deggans previewed his latest TV commentary, including his review of “Bosch: Legacy” and who he wants to see succeed James Corden in the late-night comedy scene. Eric Deggans is NPR’s TV critic and author of the book “Race-Baiter: How the Media Wields Dangerous Words to Divide a Nation.”

Eric Deggans on BPR | May 12, 2022

Art Caplan talked about the divide between red and blue states over abortion, and renewed advocacy around the right to die. Caplan is the Drs. William F. and Virginia Connolly Mitty Professor and founding head of the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU School of Medicine in New York City.

Art Caplan on BPR | May 12, 2022

We ended the show by asking listeners their thoughts on “No Mow May,” where some homeowners are opting to let their yards grow wild to benefit pollinators.