Today on Boston Public Radio:

Michelle Singletary gave financial advice for the new year, including navigating the buy now pay later trend, the state of inflation and overdraft fees. Singletary is a nationally syndicated columnist for The Washington Post, whose award-winning column “The Color of Money” provides insight into the world of personal finance.

Michelle Singletary on BPR | Jan. 5, 2022

Then, we asked listeners their thoughts on the “buy-now-pay-later” trend and other financial plans.

Juliette Kayyem discussed the chaos on I-95, which closed this week due to snow in Virginia, and the latest on the Jan. 6 investigation nearly a year after the insurrection at the Capitol. Kayyem is an analyst for CNN, former assistant secretary at the Department of Homeland Security and faculty chair of the homeland security program at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

Juliette Kayyem on BPR | Jan. 5, 2022

Lauren Kennedy talked about the omicron variant’s strain on child care and early education workers during the latest surge, and the work her group does to provide access to testing. Kennedy is co-founder of Neighborhood Villages, a nonprofit that works to improve access to affordable child care and early education.

Lauren Kennedy on BPR | Jan. 5, 2022

Art Caplan updated listeners on the latest with the omicron variant and how he thinks the country should navigate the next couple weeks as cases surge. Caplan is director of the division of medical ethics at the New York University School of Medicine.

Art Caplan on BPR | Jan. 5, 2022

Jared Bowen previewed the newest arts events in the region, including an exhibit about love at the Worcester Art Museum, Immersive Van Gogh exhibits and “WITNESS,” a show about Jewish immigration in times of antisemitism. Bowen is GBH’s executive arts editor and the host of Open Studio.

Jared Bowen on BPR | Jan. 5, 2022

We ended the show by asking listeners if they have returned to movie theaters at this point in the pandemic.