Today on Boston Public Radio:

We began the show by opening phone lines, asking listeners whether our nation is becoming less civic-minded following low voter turnout in Boston’s preliminary elections Tuesday.

Andrea Cabral shared her thoughts on low voter turnout in Boston’s mayoral preliminary election and explained where the mayoral candidates stand on police reform. Cabral is the former Suffolk County sheriff and Massachusetts secretary of public safety. She’s currently the CEO of the cannabis company Ascend.

Andrea Cabral on BPR | Sept. 16, 2021

Gov. Charlie Baker discussed the possibility of a statewide vaccination ID program, and support for refugee resettlement in Massachusetts after the Biden administration designated 900 Afghan evacuees to arrive in the state.

Gov. Charlie Baker on BPR | Sept. 16, 2021

Rick Steves shared his experience hiking for 10 days through France and talked about what it was like to travel abroad for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Steves is an author, television and radio host and the owner of the Rick Steves' Europe tour group. You can catch his television show, "Rick Steves’ Europe," weeknights at 7:30 p.m. on GBH 2 and his radio show, “Travel With Rick Steves,” Sundays at 4 p.m. on GBH.

Rick Steves on BPR | Sept. 16, 2021

Jenifer McKim discussed the case of Tyrone Clark, whose decades-long rape conviction is being scrutinized by District Attorney Rachael Rollins after the victim said she may have misidentified her attacker. McKim is an investigative reporter with the GBH News Center for Investigative Reporting.

Jenifer McKim on BPR | Sept. 16, 2021

Jared Bowen updated us on the latest local arts and cultural events, from the Huntington Theatre’s showing of “Hurricane Diane” to comedian Jaqueline Novak and the Emerson Colonial Theatre’s “Get On Your Knees.” Bowen is GBH’s executive arts editor and the host of Open Studio.

Jared Bowen on BPR | Sept. 16, 2021

We wrapped up the show by talking with listeners about how pandemic anxiety has changed their relationships to sleep.