Today on Boston Public Radio:

Chuck Todd updated us on the latest political headlines, from President Joe Biden’s upcoming meeting with Vladimir Putin at the G7 Summit to Vice President Kamala Harris’ trips to Guatemala and Mexico. Todd is the moderator of “Meet The Press” on NBC, host of “Meet The Press Daily” on MSNBC and the political director for NBC News.

Chuck Todd on BPR | June 10, 2021

Then, we asked listeners whether they supported imposing tax hikes on millionaires.

Andrea Cabral discussed the firing of former Boston Police Commissioner Dennis White, and shared her thoughts on growing public distrust of the Boston Police Department. Cabral is the former Suffolk County sheriff and Massachusetts secretary of public safety. She’s currently the CEO of the cannabis company Ascend.

Andrea Cabral on BPR | June 10, 2021

Joe Spaulding talked about the struggles facing performing arts venues due to the pandemic, and updated us on the Boch Center’s upcoming shows. Spaulding is the president and CEO of Boston’s Boch Center, overseeing both the 3,500-seat Wang Theatre and the 1,500-seat Shubert Theatre on Tremont Street. He is also a member of Gov. Charlie Baker’s advisory board on re-opening.

Joe Spaulding on BPR | June 10, 2021

Paul Reville weighed in on the resignations of two Boston School Committee members after their disparaging texts about West Roxbury families were published by the Boston Globe. He also talked about Verda Tetteh, a Harvard-bound graduate who asked her high school to give her $40,000 award to a student attending community college. Reville is the former Massachusetts secretary of education and a professor at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, where he also heads the Education Redesign Lab. His latest book, co-authored with Lynne Sacks, is “Collaborative Action for Equity and Opportunity: A Practical Guide for School and Community Leaders.”

Paul Reville on BPR | June 10, 2021

Corby Kummer shared his thoughts on Connecticut’s consideration of a law that would allow self-pour alcohol machines in restaurants and bars, and other venues. He also talked about the stress put on grocery workers to quickly fulfill online orders. Kummer is the executive director of the Food and Society policy program at the Aspen Institute, a senior editor at The Atlantic and a senior lecturer at the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy.

Corby Kummer on BPR | June 10, 2021

We ended the show by asking listeners how far they’re willing to go beyond food expiration dates.