As U.S. coronavirus numbers fall and vaccinations increase, the nation’s re-opening is proving to be a source of anxiety for many within the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. A recent AAPI Data survey shows significant fear of discrimination or attacks among the AAPI population. In for Jim Braude, Sue O’Connell was joined by Philip Chong, the president and CEO of Quincy Asian Resources, Inc. and Chris Hahm, a Boston University professor with a focus on reducing healthcare disparities among Asian American populations.

Chong, whose organization started a campaign last month to help protect elders, said he has heard about increased fears of attacks. “We’ve heard a lot of concerns from the elders, they legitimately ask themselves, whether they are really making the right decision moving to this country,” he said.

“This violence against Asians, this discrimination against Asian, is not a new phenomenon. Every time this type of virus occurs, Asian Americans are often times and frequently victimized and scapegoated… Basically, Asian Americans do not feel the government is going to really protect them,” Hahm said.

WATCH: Fears of racism in the AAPI community