COVID-19 Spreads In India While U.S. Vaccine Demand Slows
Coronavirus is spreading quickly in India, which has now set multiple consecutive records for the number of new coronavirus cases per day. Meanwhile, in the United States, demand for the vaccine appears to be slowing in multiple counties across the country. Two infectious disease experts, Mass General's Dr. Louise Ivers and Boston Medical Center's Dr. Nahid Bhadelia – joined Jim Braude to discuss the current stage of the pandemic, and where the fight against COVID-19 now stands.

What’s At The Very Bottom Of The Ocean? Rob McCallum Is One Of The Few People Who Knows.
Wayland resident Rob McCallum is one of the few people to ever travel to the deepest point of the ocean: the bottom of the Mariana Trench. He joined Jim Braude freshly back from his trip to discuss the mysteries of the bottom of the sea.

West Springfield’s Global Main Street
Main Street in West Springfield is an intersection of immigrant communities from all over the world, all in pursuit of their own American Dream. New England Public Media’s Brian Sullivan reports.