Rep. Russell Holmes & Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz On Passage Of Long-Awaited Police Reform Bill And What Comes Next
The Massachusetts House and Senate both passed a long-awaited compromise bill on police reform Monday, following months of closed-door negotiations. Shortly after the Senate's approval, Jim Braude was joined by state Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz, who served on the police reform conference committee, and state Representative Russell Holmes, who has long pushed for many of the changes included in the bill.

Mass. Cannabis Commissioner Responds To Backlash About New Kind Of License For Home Deliveries
The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission approved a new type of license for marijuana home delivery on Monday, which is aimed at letting more equity applicants enter the state’s lucrative legal marijuana market. Jim was joined by Commissioner Shaleen Title to discuss what the changes mean, and why not everyone is happy with them.

Ending 2020 With A Laugh At The Virtual Boston Comedy Festival
Of all live performers, comedians may rely on the real-time feedback from live audiences the most — making performing in a pandemic a particular challenge. But as part of the Virtual Boston Comedy Festival, which runs through Saturday, Judah Friedlander has found a way around that problem. He joined Jim ahead of his show.