Study Shows Mass. Residents Relaxing On Social Distancing, Contributing To Coronavirus Surge
Although news of a second highly effective vaccine offers great promise, Massachusetts is currently averaging more than 2,000 new coronavirus cases a day, and public health experts are sounding the alarm about the surge of cases the state might experience this winter. A new study from a consortium of universities measures the ways in which Massachusetts residents have let down their guard in terms of practicing social distancing over time. To discuss, Jim Braude was joined by David Lazer, a Northeastern University professor and researcher with the group that produced the study, The COVID-19 Consortium for Understanding the Public’s Policy Preferences Across States; and Dr. Katherine Gergen Barnett, vice chair of primary care innovation and transformation and program director of the department of family medicine at Boston Medical Center.

Sean Ellis Aims To 'Shed Light On The Injustices' With His Story Of Wrongful Conviction In Netflix’s 'Trial 4'
The new Netflix docuseries, "Trial 4," explores the case of Sean Ellis — a Black man from Boston who spent 22 years in prison for the murder of a Boston police detective. It was a murder Ellis always maintained he did not commit. His conviction was ultimately overturned and the charges against him were dropped, but he never got the chance he hoped for, to prove his innocence in court. Ellis joined Jim to discuss, along with his defense attorney, Rosemary Scapicchio, and filmmaker Remy Burkel.