For The Lincoln Project’s Jennifer Horn, The Fight Against Trump Continues
The Lincoln Project, founded by current and former high-profile Republicans, all of whom were opposed to President Trump’s re-election campaign, raised $67 million during the 2020 election cycle for anti-Trump ads aimed at centrists and conservatives. Post-election, the group is looking toward the Georgia Senate races, but others are still debating the impact the group had on the presidential contest. To discuss, Jim Braude was joined by one of the Lincoln Project’s co-founders and former chair of the New Hampshire Republican party, Jennifer Horn.

Everett City Councilor Gerly Adrien Speaks Out On Colleagues Pressuring Her To Resign
The first ever Black woman to serve as an Everett City Councilor, Gerly Adrien, was recently pressured by her colleagues to resign. They said it was because Adrien was attending meetings via Zoom instead of in person, but Adrien believes they just want her out. Still, she says she's not going anywhere, and joined Jim to discuss.

What The Atlantic Puffin Can Teach Us About Successful Conservation Efforts
The dangers of climate change are clear, with ample headlines detailing the increasing numbers of ecological disasters. But every once a while, a story of success will highlight the positive difference that intentional, committed efforts can make. In New England, the Atlantic puffin provides one such example. A century ago, they were almost completely wiped out of their habitats along the Maine coast — but today, they're thriving, thanks to conservation efforts. Jim was joined by
ornithologist Stephen Kress and Derrick Jackson, an environmental writing fellow at the Union of Concerned Scientists.