Suffolk County D.A. Rachael Rollins on Friday returned to Boston Public Radio, where she weighed in on last week's election victory for former Vice President Biden and Vice President-elect Harris – who herself used to be D.A. in San Francisco.

"I am very happy to be in this situation,” Rollins said of the Democrats’ victory. "We have seen no transition yet, so there’s still some anxiety, but I’d rather be sitting in this circumstance.”

Throughout the presidential race, Harris has drawn criticism from progressives over her record of prosecuting nonviolent offenders, which contrasts with Rollins’ career-wide effort to avoid prosecuting what she described as “non-serious crimes.”

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"I’d love to have a conversation with Vice President-elect Harris on that,” she said. "I do think there are some things she might be far more conservative on than I,” but noted that press coverage typically only tells a portion of any given story.

“For me, when we look at these one-off situations with Vice President-elect Harris, it might appear to be a less progressive stance. But I’d want to hear from her.” Rollins added that "these are hard jobs that she has had, and tough decisions that she has made.”

During the interview, Rollins also weighed in on the list of potential candidates for U.S. Attorney General, her reaction to Netflix’s new series “Trial 4,” about the 1993 Boston murder case involving Sean Ellis, and responded to questions and comments from listeners.