Jennifer Horn, former chair of the New Hampshire Republican Party and one of the founders of The Lincoln Project, spoke to Boston Public Radio on Tuesday about the push to make President Donald Trump a one-term president.

"We are a group of current or former Republicans who have spent the last four years trying to be an influential voice in the country by exposing Donald Trump for the dangerous, destructive, un-American person that he is," she said. "It's not enough just to get Donald Trump out of the White House. We need to defeat all of those people, whether they're in elected office or otherwise, who empowered and enabled him."

The Lincoln Project is also working to solve the problem of misinformation, noted Horn, who is also a columnist for the New Hampshire Union Leader.

"When it comes to Fox News, they have gone so far beyond being a conservative outlet, they have become a propaganda station for a powerful political person," she said. "That is diametrically opposed to what the First Amendment of our constitution is all about, and I think there is a possibility that Fox News is going to bare some significant damage after this election."

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