What Does The Recent Rise In COVID-19 'Red Zones' Mean For Massachusetts?
The number of Massachusetts coronavirus "red zones," or cities and towns facing high coronavirus transmission rates, nearly doubled in the last week, including the city of Boston, where Mayor Marty Walsh announced Wednesday that there would be a pause on school re-opening plans.

In for Jim Braude, Adam Reilly was joined by Dr. Sandra Nelson, an infectious disease physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, who has been helping to guide the Baker administration on school reopening plans, and Sam Scarpino, an assistant professor in the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University, and head of the university's Emergent Epidemics Lab.

As NFL Sees Rise In COVID-19 Cases, League Announces New Policies Aimed At Containment. Is It Enough?
The National Football League says at least 84 players and staff have tested positive for COVID-19 since the season started, not counting this week, after forgoing using the kind of “bubble” strategy used by the NBA and NHL. On Monday, the NFL announced the use of new video surveillance to make sure teams are adhering to COVID protocols at their facilities and increasing the penalties for violations. In for Jim Braude, Adam Reilly was joined by Ben Volin, senior NFL writer for The Boston Globe.

Natick Town Seal Under Scrutiny As Community Tackles Racial Inclusivity
Over the summer, the Massachusetts Senate unanimously approved a special commission to replace the seal on the state flag, citing its offensive depiction of Native Americans. The House has yet to sign off on the idea, but some local cities and towns are now taking a closer look at their own municipal seals as well. Kavontae Smalls reports on one such conversation happening in Natick.