Following President Trump’s Debate Performance, Whispers Of Worry Among GOP Lawmakers
The implications of President Donald Trump’s debate performance Wednesday night — during which he failed to explicitly denounce white supremacist and extremist groups, and urged his supporters to self-monitor polling stations on Election Day — continued to reverberate Thursday. As The Washington Post reported, some lawmakers in the president’s famously loyal party are now expressing some fear about their chances in November. To discuss, Jim Braude was joined by Washington Post political reporter Matt Viser.

The Importance Of Reading Labels On Household & Beauty Products
A new study emphasizes the importance of reading labels on household and beauty products, as those with even a basic level of knowledge about the kinds of endocrine disruptors to avoid generally end up having lowers levels of them in their bodies. Jim Braude was joined by one of the authors of that study, Robin Dodson, of the Silent Spring Institute.

New England Musicians Relief Fund Continues Its Work To Support Local Artists As Some Venues Reopen
Gov. Charlie Baker announced this week that he will allow indoor performance venues in most communities to reopen in limited capacities. Nevertheless, there are still a lot fewer job opportunities for local musicians, many of whom are freelancers and have been living on the financial edge for several months now. The New England Musicians Relief Fund has been working to provide financial support to these artists at this time. To discuss, Jim Braude was joined by Hazel Dean Davis, an orchestral hornist and regular performer with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Pops, and Pops conductor Keith Lockhart.