Today on Boston Public Radio:

– Dahlia Lithwick, a legal correspondent and senior editor at Slate, discussed the legacy of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a feminist icon, and reflected on her experience interviewing her in January.

– Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy discussed his views on the dangers of politicizing the Supreme Court, and why he believes most Senate Republicans will fall in line behind Sen. Mitch McConnell’s efforts to fill Justice Bader Ginsburg's vacancy before the November election.

– We opened the lines to hear your thoughts on Ginsburg's death and efforts by Senate leaders and President Trump to replace her before the election.

– Martha Minow spoke about Ginsburg's legal legacy. Minow is the 300th anniversary university professor at Harvard University and a former dean of Harvard Law School. Her latest book is "When Should Law Forgive?"

– We reopened lines to talk with listeners more about the Ginsburg's passing and what’s to come for the Supreme Court.

– Boston University Law Professor Jay Wexler, who clerked for Ginsburg in the late nineties, talked about his experience working under the late Supreme Court justice.

– Michael Curry and Jennifer Nassour offered their takes on Ginsburg’s passing, and weighed in on the effort by Senate Republicans and President Trump to fill her vacancy before the election. Curry is the Deputy CEO and general counsel for the Mass. League of Community Health Centers and a member of the National NAACP Board of Directors, where he chairs the board's advocacy and policy committee. Nassour is the former chair of the Mass. Republican Party and founder of the Pocketbook Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to recruiting, supporting and electing more female candidates to public office.

– We closed the show by returning to listeners, to hear your final thoughts on Ginsburg and the road ahead for the Supreme Court.