Troubled Endorsement
Although there is some debate about whether newspaper endorsements help a candidate, they are not generally harmful. But The Boston Globe’s troubled endorsement of Jake Auchincloss and all of the negative publicity that accompanied it may be the exception.

Dershowitz Defends Himself
Last week on Beat the Press, Harvard Law’s Alan Dershowitz claimed journalists have deliberately ignored evidence refuting allegations that he had sex with one of the teenage girls trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein. This week, Dershowitz sent Emily Rooney some of that evidence.

Convention Coverage
Beat the Press panelists have frequently debated whether the political conventions deserve the amount of coverage devoted to them. Now that the conventions will be a virtual shell of what they usually are, should this be the excuse the media needs to reduce the prominence of convention coverage?

Rants & Raves: 08/14/20
The panel reviews the week in media.

On this week’s edition of Beat The Press, Emily Rooney was joined by Callie Crossley of WGBH News, Jon Keller of WBZ News, Dan Kennedy of Northeastern University, and Adam Reilly of WGBH News.